Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I have shouted out to fellow travel bloggers for help to create a series on the many aspects of travelling to help people along their journeys and inspire others to start theirs. These aspects may include the feelings you get when travelling, the positives and negatives, favourite destinations, current hot spots etc. I thought of this idea because it's a good way to share a range of peoples views on a varied amount of subjects within travelling and to get everyone in the travelling community together discussing everyone's adventures. I was shocked by the reaction I got when I posted a small tweet asking for travel bloggers to contact me in regards to exciting collaborations/posts. They are a range of travellers, from newbies to experienced, from younger to more mature, and solo to group travellers...every different angle I am hoping to approach.

These people will pop up in every post or a few posts, but they are all extremely willing to help me create this series for your benefit. So, let's meet them!

CharlotteTickets and Travels
"Hey, I’m Charlotte, travel blogger, dog lover and avid tea drinker. I’m never happier than when I’m exploring a new area, whether that be in the UK or somewhere a bit more hot and sunny. I’ve travelled throughout the UK and spent many summer holidays in France when I was younger but as for the rest of the world, I’m just getting started! I’ve been lucky enough to visit Singapore and Malaysia as well as The Netherlands, Madeira and Italy but as I’m currently on a gap year prior to university I’ve got lots more travelling ahead. This summer I’m heading to Denmark and on a solo adventure in Europe but that’s all still in the works for now! I started my blog ‘Tickets and Travels’ at the start of the year so I’m still a total newbie in the blogging world but I’ve got lots of exciting things planned already!"
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Christopher - Travelingmitch
"I'm a Canadian travel blogger, photographer, podcaster and freelance writer. Along the way,  I've lived in countries such as Norway, South Korea, Turkey, and Nicaragua and, in total, I've visited over 70 countries as well as 6 continents. I've been lucky to see so much, but that hasn't yet hindered my seemingly endless curiosity.
Writing, reading and travelling are my foremost passions in life and, if at all possible, I try to do be doing one of these three things as much as humanly possible. I genuinely love meeting and connecting with others, so feel free to link up with me on social media, or head on over to my blog to see what I've been up to as of late."  
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"I did what society says you got to do. Go school, get a degree, get a job in your chosen field, move into a city. All that. But after reaching 26 I knew life was about so much more. So I moved out of my city apartment, moved back in with my parents to save like a mad man and a couple of months later I handed in my notice. Then I landed in Brazil on an epic 6 months adventure, I thought it would be a trip of a life time, it was but it was so much more, it changed the way I looked at life. 
After 6 months I was broke! But it was so worth it. I moved back in with my parents, got a job and did it all again. In October 2016 I handed in my notice and visited the rest of Asia, and now I'm in Australia on a working holiday visa. My view of the world has changed and I'm on a mission to inspire others to travel too! Launching my website to inspire others to travel through my own personal experiences as well as sharing saving and making money tips along the way to help fund long term travel!"
You can follow Dan on
"I’m a 23 year old Brighton based freelance journalist and blogger who loves to travel! I’ve been to a few places including Morocco, Thailand, America, Mykonos, Italy and more.  Due to working commitments I can ‘t go away for long periods of time but I try to make sure I visit at least two places/countries each year and also make time to visit cities and towns in my own country for long weekends. 
My travel bucket list is ever growing and currently right are the top are Costa Rica and Botswana or Kenya."
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Herbivore and Carnivore (Samm and Jon) - The Inspiration Highway
"Hi folks! We are the Herbivore and Carnivore, a hubby and wife team at The Inspiration Highway. Between us we've visited around 40 countries during our time as solo travellers and in the 7 years we've been together. 
As you can probably tell food - veggie and meaty - plays a big part in our travels and life together! Asia, particularly Sri Lanka and India have been highlights for food but our recent epic road trip across Canada still makes our hearts flutter.
As new parents-to-be, we're looking forward to making a little adventurer out of the newest member of The Inspiration Highway."
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"Hey there I'm Matt from over at I never took a gap year so never got the travelling bug too early but have been trying to make up for that ever since by hopping on a plane whenever I can get enough time off work. My absolute favourite destination over the past few years has been Abu Dhabi. If you're looking for guaranteed sunshine, oodles of culture and incredible food then it's bound to be a favourite of yours too. I've visited about 5 times in just a few years as I've got friends that moved out there for work - one day that's the dream! Places on my travel bucket list include Thailand, Jamaica and The Maldives."
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Rose - Mrs A To B
"If you asked me what kind of traveller I am, I’d have to confess to being an all-out binger. Six months here, six weeks there, I’ve been collecting passport stamps since before ‘flashpacking’ and ‘glamping’ were part of our vocabulary. Embracing the Gap Year culture, I ticked off South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji to ensure I had all the goon-related initiation I needed before heading to uni. City breaks, beach holidays and “work trips” to Bali later, I’ve kept my travel footprint growing, bank balance depleting and holiday allowance completely maxed out. Nearly ten years later, I stretched the definition of ‘honeymoon’ to several months exploring North, South and Central America. Taking my wanderlust-o-meter full time, I’ve just relocated from London to New York City for a taste of life in the Big Apple and a few blogging adventures Stateside ahead of me."
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"Sally is the owner of Passport and Plates which is a travel and food blog. She takes you on a journey around the world sharing her experiences and advice from various countries. 
Being lucky enough to have a had a taste of travel from such a young age, Sally has ventured around the world during her university years to places like China, Egypt, England and Spain, and went on to finding her dream job last year which has allowed her to gain both a job and travelling."
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Sarah - Endless Distances 
"I got my first taste of travelling at 6 months old, when my family road tripped me from California to Michigan, where I grew up. I'm not sure if I was quite sold on it at that point, though, as I cried and cried during subsequent moves around the US. I re-fell in love with travel when I studied abroad in the UK, where I additionally fell in love with the country and a guy, and am now back living, working, and doing my Masters. I fit in as much travel as I can between assignments, often to the couches of my friends scattered across Europe. That's my favourite way to travel - to where I know locals who not only offer a free bed and late night chats, but a view to the inner life of a place. I write about my adventures on my travel blog,, where I also chronicle my exploits as both a yoga teacher, poet, and gluten free foodie."
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"I'm 22 and I feel like I've been travelling for so many years. But in reality, I've just been lucky enough to travel often at such a young age with lots of flying hours up my sleeve. With variations of trying solo, with others and on guided tours, I've got my fingers in a lot of.. travelling pies. Originally from Melbourne and still living down under, I'm also heavily apart of the travel industry itself - outside of travel blogging. I'm a tour guide which has led me to many different media and working trips which is.. pretty damn good I'd say! Onwards and upwards of travelling because its just the start of more travels!"
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A fantastic photograph from Sarah, Endless Distances

We all want YOU to get involved in this series! Please join in with the discussions and lets get the travel community TOGETHER!
(If you have any posts ideas you want to see from us, please let me know in the comments) 



Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I came onto the blogging scene as a blank canvas; not knowing how to work anything, the positives and negatives to blogging, how to blog (if there is a right way which I, personally, don't think there is) and what on earth I am going to write about. Obviously I should have done a little more research so I had a little head start before jumping right into the deep end. The only experience I had with blogging was reading other blogs and having friends who run their own blogs, does that even count as experience in blogging? 

There have been a THOUSAND of things I have learnt since blogging and I probably wouldn't have if I didn't start it. However, some of these skills/tactics/aspects I wish I would've known as soon as I started blogging as it would have been so much easier to grow my blog naturally. 
Here are some things which imply that I didn't know much about blogging when I started it. 
  • I didn't know there was a blogging community out there
  • I only discovered twitter chats in August (about 8 months after starting my blog)
  • I thought there were rules to what you could write about but no it's whatever you want to write about
  • I didn't put much care into my photos or layout or my blog look at all
  • I didn't know I could promote my own blog publicly (which is so stupid because how would anyone discover it, duhhh)


How time consuming it is
Obviously I know I am not a blogger full-time but I have been strict with myself in creating a tight schedule which is to publish at least 3 posts a week. I like to keep to this schedule once I have committed. However, it is surprising how much time goes into writing and creating just one post so to post 4 times a week can be a little hectic. Along with blogging, I am at university so my time is usually prioritised to studying, but I enjoy blogging so much that studying occasionally gets put behind. 

All the different aspects to blogging
The social media, writing a post, discovering new blogs and playing your part in the blogging community; all of these aspects are a part of blogging, which you tend to sometimes miss out. When I first started out, I did not realise how many sections there were to blogging. Still to this day, surprisingly, I still have many aspects to improve upon and possibly yet to discover, but for now I am jam-packed with the amount of work I have to do and deal with for my blog already. 

The importance of your blog photography
The photography of your blog tends to complete the overall look of your blog and allows it to stand out that little bit more. 
When I first published my blog, I was oblivious to how my photographs looked and what the quality of them were, and I didn’t put much effort into the overall presentation of them. However, recently, in the last few months, I’ve started taking photos in groups, editing them there and then so they are ready for future posts. This is so handy just incase I am unprepared for a certain post and need quick access to a photo, I will always have a spare one hanging around on my laptop waiting to be used. I have also started to edit my photos using the same effects so there is a theme and a certain style to my photos. I have slight OCD so when I noticed all my photos were edited differently, I had to sort them out. 

How much thought that goes into writing a single post
You have the type of post, your content, the layout, what photographs you’ll use, the title of the post and when you will publish it. AND breathe. There’s a lot more thought that goes into a post rather than writing it in half an hour, grabbing a few old photographs and done, it’s published. Um, no. I don’t think that has ever happened to a blogger unless you are insanely organised, know exactly what you’ll write and have photos at the ready. 

The anxiety you get once you've published a post
After pressing that all important (and scary) ‘publish’ button, your mind goes through a world of its own, questioning whether the post is well written, you’ve promoted it, made no spelling mistakes or included broken links…it’s not until you’ve got a few views, or good feedback through the comments that you feel happy with the post.

Constantly thinking of new ideas for posts 
It always happens at the most inconvenient times when I have nowhere to write it and end up having hundreds of notes written on my iPhone, with no organisation to them whatsoever. The worst time for me is when I’m about to go to sleep. I tell myself *ok sleep time* and then my brain suddenly wakes up and BOOM *oooh here’s a good post idea* NO, LET ME SLEEP. Sadly, this is very accurate and happens several times a week to me. 

I'm pretty sure I still have so much to learn through blogging, but if you're a newbie to it, hopefully these few tips will help you get ahead of it. They certainly would've helped me when I first started my blog. 

What lessons have you learnt from blogging?


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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Even though I was in Bali during the rain season, where it usually tends to be cloudy most days and, as assumed, rainy, I was lucky enough to have mostly clear days with the sun shining and blue skies. These days meant that the sunset would be visible from the beach, cliffs or somewhere on higher land. I took these days to venture out to the places where it is best to catch the breathtaking sunsets.

Everywhere in Bali is quite easily accessible; providing you have a phone, internet and money. Grab Taxi is a life savour (basically the same as Uber). The drivers know the whole island North to South and know where and when you can get the taxis. So, if you are going to a place where they don't have GrabTaxi's then they will offer to take you there and back (for a very reasonable price).  This is insanely useful as you are basically hiring a driver for a couple of hours. I would recommend GrabTaxi for places out of the ordinary that you want to experience on your own or with time flexibility, unless you have your own transport.

The first location where I was able to admire one of Bali's amazing sunsets was Senur. I was having dinner just as it was setting which was the perfect place as the restaurant was basically on the beach. The only negative with watching the sunset here was it was setting behind me. I saw it set in the distance towards the South-East of the island and it faded away behind me. Nethertheless, the sky was still a beautiful colour which reflected onto the sea, perfect place to capture beautiful photographs.

A last minute choice was catching a taxi to Tanah Lot Temple, one of the most popular temples on the island, and one of the best choices to catch the sunset. I think I managed to go on the best possible day when I was there, how lucky was I! This temple is built on its own small little island connecting a pathway to the main island. You can either stay on the cliff, wining and dining at one of the tasty restaurants watching the sunset over the horizon, or be a little more adventurous and rock climb your way past the beach onto a platform which gives a clear view of the sunset, with nothing blocking it. I chose the more adventurous way which was 100% the right decision and I had the whole area to myself. I managed to escape the crowds and sit and watch the sunset in peace, it was a win win for me.

When I moved on down to Nusa Dua for the last few days of my trip, I took a journey down to Uluwatu Temple, another one of Bali's finest looking temples sat on the edge of an 825 feet high cliff. Sadly (and I couldn't be more gutted than this), my camera ran out JUST as the car pulled up AND my phone ran out of storage and I didn't want to miss the sunset by deleting pictures just to get some bad quality photos of it on my phone (I knew they would be bad quality). So, instead I just took the time to watch the sunset whilst enjoying an ice cream in the warm evening. I really wish I did have a photograph to share with you all as the sunset that night was incredible! Your imagination will have to do.
Whilst enjoying the Sunset in Uluwatu, there are various bars and restaurants to choose from. You can also get a taste of Bali's culture by watching a performance called the Kecek Dance.

I have heard of so many more places which are just as good to catch the sunset at. I'll list them down below.
  1. Seminyak (in particular the Potato Head Beach Club)
  2. Nusa Penida Temple (90 minute boat ride from Senur Beach)
  3. Melasti Beach (short walk from Tanah Lot)
  4. Kelan Beach (with the airport next to it)
Have you been to any of these places?


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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Every blogger goes through those moments when they have lost all ideas of things to write about. So why not take a break from writing and focus on other aspects to your blog?

Are there a few weeks that need attending to or a your sidebar needs some adjustments? Make sure your blog is the best it can be by regularly going through it top to bottom and testing out all the links and correcting any minor error. Broken links tend to catch people out. I've only just discovered one which I have had alter through every single one of my posts. Yes, this can be time-consuming but after completing it, you get a feeling of satisfaction in your blog.

It can be common for bloggers to change the theme or layout of their blogs. Whether this is monthly, seasonly or annually; it's always good to have a fresh looking blog.

Fix those silly spelling mistakes, update your pictures, amend links or add in links to related posts of yours. Update your old posts so you can re-promote and share them. Focus on the most popular posts first as they will take less time and put more time into your less popular ones.

Check all your social media accounts and update them. Sometimes you will find yourself scheduling all your posts onto these platforms and having no time to interact with your followers. So take time to enjoy interacting with other bloggers through social media and discovering new blogs.

Take a moment away from your own blog and look through your favourite bloggers latest posts. Reading other posts is a great way to find ideas for future content. Why not leave a comment to let them know how helpful or well-written their post is. I personally think comments on my posts is he best supporting method because it shows you're putting in more effort and giving back feedback to another blogger.

Have time-out to find new blogs. You were once a newbie and had that "scared" feeling for a while thinking your blog won't be successful. Support these new bloggers by sharing the love and interacting with them and their blogs.

How do you stay engaged with your blog during bloggers block?


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why 25 you ask? I think 25 is the age where you start to pursue your career, you're settling down and thinking about what the future holds. I'm still unsure what I want my future to look like but I have a good idea what I want to do before I start my "adulthood".


South America is full of culture and some of the most amazing sites in the world. Lots of people I know have travelled this continent and it has made me so envious to hear about their adventures. Travel is my biggest passion in life, along with photography, so to travel around South America capturing the different aspects of life would be a dream.

Skydiving anywhere would be amazing but I would especially like to do it in New Zealand. I have been wanting to go to New Zealand for many years now and I will be gutted to be 25 and not being able to say that I haven't been there. The amount of videos I have watched of skydiving in New Zealand has secured my decision of wanting it to be there. I'm not sure you can get a better view than that. 

I won't get my hopes up as I've not had the easiest journey throughout my university life but being able to get up on that platform in front of my graduation class being presented with a second-class honours degree will be one of the proudest achievements of my life. 

I'm hoping I will do this a few years after university anyway but I say 25 just incase things turn the wrong way. I don't want to be living with my parents past 25 so I can feel more independent and mature. Living away for university has certainly brought into perspective what life will be like once I leave home. 

I am scared that my love for blogging will fade and I will give up on it in a few years but I will try my hardest to stick to it, even if it stays as a hobby for the rest of my life. My blog is partly used as a place to keep memories and I want to keep it like this so I can look back at these times in my life when I am older. 

6. Advance my photography skills 
7. Take a year out of the UK
8. Hike in Iceland 
9. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland 
10. Road trip around America 
11. Take a weekend break to Paris 
12. Get a Golden Retriever
13. Start saving money
14. Take a trip with my sister
15. Go to a yoga retreat
16. Improve my piano playing
17. Learn the basics of another language
18. Maintain a regular exercise plan
19. Take an opportunity in voluntary work
20. Travel to India with my best friend 
21. Save up for more photography equipment 
22. Go inter-railing around Europe
23. Work towards getting my dream job
24. Take up a new hobby

What are some of your goals before you turn a certain age?


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Apart from the obvious passport and boarding pass etc. there are some luxuries which you definitely DON'T get on some flights. I have started learning from mistakes in the past which have made my flights miserable and have some ESSENTIALS that I will have with me on flights now.

Jumper or something to keep me warm
I swear airlines want you to freeze to death these days. They don't understand that having the air conditioning on an airplane 24/7 will eventually make it cold that I start shivering. It may just be me (because I am very sensitive) but the least they could do is turn it off for an hour or so AT LEAST. Anyone else have this problem? It's worse when you are flying from a hot country because you are most likely wearing summer clothes so you have nothing to warm yourself up with. Obviously if it's a short haul flight it is bearable as you would have probably been hot before so the air conditioning is very refreshing. 

You will occasionally get a screaming baby, a loud speaker, or just a person who won't sleep and constantly be talking. What is the best way to block these noises out? EARPHONES!
If it is a long haul flight, there will most likely be televisions (unless it's a cheap flight) so you can use earphones to watch a film, listen to music if you don't have your own, or play games. They do normally provide headphones but they are cheap and rubbish quality, and don't do a good job at blocking noise out around you. I have gone a few flights without earphones but they have been short haul flights and I have just about survived them.

Hand moisturiser/sanitiser
This is only recently but you don't know what germs you can catch on a flight, especially in the toilets! I love the feeling of hand moisturiser and it always gives out a nice smell, which is perfect after having some smelly food!

Water (and maybe a snack or two)
What is happening to flights nowadays? Having to pay £4 for a bottle of water on a flight is unacceptable. When you have an early flight and just want to get on the plane and get to your next destination, you sometimes tend to forget to buy that bottle of water before getting on the plane. You then get a special surprise that it actually isn't free anymore. Now, this isn't for every airline (actually most airlines have common sense and offer water to everyone) but Airasia need to sort their priorities out. Just incase you are flying with a cheap airline, or one you've never flown with before, just bare in mind that bottle of water you need to buy before getting on that plane.

Travel Pillow
I have only recently invested in one of these (just this February) and I honestly don't know how I survived long haul flights before it. I slept like a baby the first time I used it and I normally struggle to sleep on any transport so it worked like magic. From now on, I will most likely be taking this on every flight I have in the future. It is easy to travel with as it squeezes up into this little bag which you can attach to your travelling bag. The bag also comes with a set of earplugs. On the pillow is a pocket where you can keep your phone so you know where it is. I don't use this as my phone is sadly too big for it and it easily slips out but it is very handy. You can find this travel pillow here.

What are your flight essentials?


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